Garden Maintenance Services (10 Benefits)

garden maintenance services

If you’ve reached the point in life when you just don’t want to handle all your lawn-and-garden tasks on your own but you’ve hesitated for any reason, you may want to read on and discover the many benefits of hiring professional garden maintenance services. You may have considered two or three reasons for bringing the experts in to handle this process. You’ll probably find your personal reasons on this list.

As you read, you’ll discover how you can get back time spent on your garden and your lawn so you can use those new hours for something that you might enjoy even more. You will probably save money in the long run, thanks to the professional knowledge and consistency brought to the job by people who specialize in this field. You may even find yourself becoming a favorite neighbor when property owners nearby see how you’ve enhanced the look and value of your garden.

10 Benefits of Garden Maintenance Services

  1. Time

Time is one of the most precious commodities you have, simply because you get a limited amount of it during your lifetime. If you’re not one of the individuals who absolutely loves garden maintenance, you’ll benefit from having more time to pursue other interests. It takes a lot of time to keep your property looking great. For some, it’s a full-time job. Even those who have small gardens and lawns find that they must give them some attention (and time) at various times during the year. Put the task in the capable hands of a garden maintenance professional and feel free to take on a new hobby or travel at a certain time of year.

  1. Money

Here’s the bottom line, the summary of the “money” reason for letting specialists handle your property maintenance: you will get outstanding results at reasonable cost. Once the pros step in to take care of your garden, your lawn, and your flowers, you won’t lose money when plants die and need to be replaced because you didn’t do the job correctly. In addition, these experts can be scheduled to visit on a regular basis, which gives them the opportunity to correct minor issues before they become bigger, more expensive problems. Even a regular cleanup/touchup will go a long way toward preserving what you have.

  1. Equipment

This benefit is associated with one or two others on the list. If you haven’t invested in all the garden equipment or lawn care equipment that you think you need, you could invest it in professional assistance. These individuals already have all the right equipment necessary to maintain a garden, something that not too many homeowners can say. This is a major investment if you’re going do your maintenance correctly. You’ll also need to add supplies, fertilizers, and other items to the growing expense of doing maintenance on your own. Give this serious thought before you buy any more expensive items.

  1. Design Services

This could be viewed as a benefit if you’ve already decided to use professionals to design your landscape. The plan should include your ideas and vision as well as advice and recommendations from the design expert. If you don’t have plans to use a design service, you might look at this as a reason to bring in a specialist for a consultation at least. A professional will be able to select plants that fit such categories as perennial, annual, window-box plants, holiday additions, changes to prepare for fall and winter, and so on.

  1. Curb Appeal

This benefit is a matter of pride for most homeowners. But you should also consider how improving the appearance of your property also increases its value. With a lush, green lawn and healthy, colorful plants, you will draw the attention of those who pass by and you’ll get admiring comments from visitors. But to make sure that this appeal remains constant, you should make a long-term commitment to working with a professional lawn and garden maintenance company. Once your plan has become reality, it will be important to have your specialist make regular visits for maintenance, cleanup, and upgrades.

  1. Professional Knowledge

This is a very important factor for the do-it-yourself individual, especially if this person has had problems with healthy growth, maintaining good soil conditions, and similar issues. When professionals handle most or all of your garden maintenance, they bring extensive knowledge of plants, flowers, pruning methods, pesticide use, and fertilizers. Most property owners have a limited knowledge of these areas and may be getting limited results or even causing damage to their lawns and gardens. An expert will which plants to use, when to plant them, how to water them correctly, when to provide shade, when to provide sun; the information is endless.

  1. Scheduled Maintenance

When you handle your own garden maintenance, it’s easy to get started on a schedule and because of family or work demands, depart from the schedule to the detriment of the plants that you’ve invested time and money in. When you have a specialist handling your landscape, you’ll be able to schedule regular visits for maintenance, which will give you the best results. The scheduled tasks might include deadheading flowers to keep them producing the colors you love. A professional might also understand the best methods for pruning shrubs, trees, and plants, encouraging them to grow in a healthy way, and maintaining the appearance you had at the start of the project.

  1. Lawn Care Plus

Some homeowners are misled by the term “lawn care,” believing that they’re going to spend money just to have someone stop by and mow the grass and possibly trim along the sidewalk and driveway. But when you hire a garden maintenance company, you’re going to get a lot more than grass cutting. They’ll be available to help you keep your property looking its best, delivering expert services on a consistent basis. They will also pay close attention to all the details on your property, not only maintaining what you already have but also suggesting reasonable ways to improve appearance. You might find that you have the opportunity to add a new pathway or a walking path that makes a significant difference in the look and value of your garden.

  1. Home Security

This is generally left off of benefits lists when people are thinking about hiring an expert garden maintenance company. In addition to getting benefits such as outstanding plant selection, water use, and property drainage, you’ll discover that quality landscaping can boost the security of your home. For example, the specialists might suggest a wall or fence as an appropriate part of your overall design. When they do, you’ll be adding intruder deterrents that appear to be perfect features of a complete landscape or garden design. Even the placement of shrubs the proper distance from the home can make a difference as can keeping larger trees trimmed so that aggressive burglars can’t access upper-floor windows.

  1. Neighbors

Last but certainly not least, you may discover that you’ve become quite popular in your neighborhood after you have professionals take care of your garden maintenance for a few months. You’ll enhance the appearance of your property, of course, and raise its value as well. But think about how major improvements in one property can affect the look and value of nearby residences. Perhaps your neighbor will be encouraged to make similar additions and improvements, which will serve to improve his or her property, yours, and those around you. When a neighborhood begins to improve its appearance and its atmosphere even in small ways, everyone benefits.

In Conclusion

Now that you’ve read these excellent reasons for using a professional garden maintenance service, you’re encouraged to go back through the list again to choose the reasons that are most important to you. In fact, you might want to make your own list, using these 10 benefits, writing them in the order you prefer. When that’s finished, you can use the list to help you make the wise decision — hiring an expert in garden maintenance. Not only will you have more time to devote to other activities but you will be a hero to your family members and friends because you’ve taken an important step toward improving the value of your biggest asset.

There’s no doubt that creating a beautiful, manicured garden space will take planning and time. If you’ve neglected this important part of your property for too long, you must be patient from the start. Make contact with a skilled and knowledgeable provider and plan to spend the time it takes to come up with a workable plan. You will have plenty of input into the creation of your landscape masterpiece but be sure that you are willing to be guided by the advice and recommendations of the specialist. You may even find that you haven’t gone far enough with your plan and your improvements.

For example, once you begin to see how professional help can make a difference, you might consider including an outdoor kitchen or fireplace, an expanded patio for entertaining and relaxing, or similar features. A magnificent garden and an eye-catching property begins with professional installation and maintenance. Why not get started today?