Grass Cutting Tips (20 Important Tips)

grass cutting tips

Cutting your grass is going to be something that you will want to do properly. In order to maintain a healthy and beautiful lawn, you need to be particular about how you are going about things. For the best results, you will want to use certain techniques and need to know how to avoid a few bad habits. Take a look at these twenty important grass cutting tips so that you can have one of the best-looking lawns in your entire neighborhood.

20 Important Grass Cutting Tips

  1. Check Your Lawn for Debris Before Mowing

It is imperative that you take the time to check your lawn for debris before you start mowing your lawn. You don’t want to accidentally hurl a rock at your window and break it. Also, if you have children, then you might wind up having small toys somewhere in your lawn. Doing a quick check for these items will help you to avoid tragically cutting up a precious doll or action figure.

  1. Mow Often

You should do your best to mow more often while taking off less of the grass at once. Some people like to mow their grass really low but they only mow once or twice a month at most. This would be the worst thing that you can do to cultivate a healthy lawn. You want to mow frequently but you should be taking off no more than one-third of the length of the grass each time that you mow.

  1. Mow Every Three or Four Days in the Spring

Mowing more often than usual in the spring is highly recommended. The spring is the period of time when your lawn is going to be growing the most. You should try to mow every three or four days during this time for the best results.

  1. Mow a Little Less Frequently in the Summer

Mowing a little less frequently in the summer is going to be ideal. You should mow your lawn every seven to ten days during the summer months. Summer weather is very hot and you might wind up dealing with droughts so the growth of your lawn is going to be slower.

  1. Mix up Your Mowing Patterns

Many people make the mistake of mowing their lawns in the same patterns every single time. This might be the easiest way to mow your lawn but it isn’t the best for the overall health of the lawn. Mixing up your mowing patterns can be very helpful to the growth of the lawn. When you mow in the same pattern too many times in a row, it can cause the soil to become compacted, leading to potential problems with weeds.

  1. Leave Your Grass Clippings on the Lawn

If you decide to leave your grass clippings on the lawn, then you will be able to help provide most of the fertilization that your lawn needs to keep growing. Your lawn is going to be able to make use of those raw materials to help sustain itself. Some people don’t like doing this as they think that the lawn clippings are an eyesore so this is really going to come down to your personal preference. Lawn clippings are good for your lawn and will help it to grow; keep that in mind.

It also takes time to gather these lawn clippings. Some mowers will automatically collect the clippings in a bag, though. Regardless, you can save yourself some time and a little bit of money on fertilizer if you make use of this method. It is a good and natural way to ensure that your lawn stays healthy.

  1. If the Grass Is Too Long, Then Pick up the Clippings

It’s unlikely that you will let your grass grow too long. Those who are seeking out grass cutting tips will generally be the type of people who take great care of their lawns. Just in case, you should know that you should pick up the clippings if your grass is too long. Clippings can help your lawn to grow by providing fertilization fuel but if there is too much of it, then it is going to choke the grass.

If you have gone many weeks without mowing your lawn, then you are definitely going to want to rake the clippings and bag them up. You can redistribute the clippings onto the lawn to provide fertilization if you wish but it needs to be done in an orderly fashion. Just don’t leave too many grass clippings on the lawn as it will look really bad and it won’t benefit your lawn.

  1. Consider Purchasing a Mulching Mower

A mulching mower is going to be able to distribute the grass clippings from your lawn more evenly. It will take all of the clippings and mulch them up so that they can be used by your lawn in the most effective way. This will help to promote a healthy lawn and it is really a lot easier on you. Getting a mower such as this can be really convenient so it is highly recommended to seek out one of these models.

  1. You Should Still Buy Fertilizer

You might want to still buy some fertilizer even if you have a mulching mower. Your lawn will reach points in the summer months where it is going to need more nutrients. Giving it some fertilizer is going to be the best way to keep it looking nice. Fertilizer won’t be too expensive overall and you will be able to make use of it to help keep your lawn from being too negatively impacted by the summer months.

  1. Don’t Mow a Wet Lawn

Mowing a wet lawn winds up being really annoying. You will have wet clumps of grass that will get stuck to your mower and it simply will not be a good experience. If you want to have the easiest time possible when you are mowing your lawn, then it is ideal to mow it when it is dry. Sometimes mowing it when there is a little morning dew shouldn’t be a problem but mowing after it has rained is going to produce bad results.

  1. Use the Right Technique When Mowing Near Your Driveway or Curb

Some people like to use handheld machines for trimming the grass near their driveway or curbs. You can get these areas with your mower when you know what you need to do. Make sure that the wheel of your mower is right on the edge of where you need to go. This will allow you to cut everything straight and you shouldn’t have any issues.

If you have some odd dips and curves, then this might be a bit more difficult. For the best cut, you may need to decide to use a weed trimmer of some sort if your lawn mower simply isn’t well-suited to reaching the area. When your driveway and curb areas are straight, this shouldn’t be a problem. Just use your best judgment and try to get a nice straight cut.

  1. Mow When It’s Cooler Outside

There is no reason to mow during the hottest part of the day. It won’t be pleasant for you to be out there when the sun is scorching you so it makes sense to wait a little bit. Your grass will actually react better if you mow it while it is slightly cooler or in the shade. Mowing when it is really hot outside will cause your lawn to lose more of the water it is holding and this makes it more difficult for it to recover and start growing again.

  1. Try Mowing in the Early Morning

If you are the type of person who likes to wake up early, then it might be beneficial to mow your lawn at this time. You might have to deal with a bit of morning dew, depending on the circumstances, but this may be the most practical time for you to mow your lawn. Busy people have a tough time fitting mowing their lawns into their schedules sometimes so waking up early to mow before your workday might be your best bet.

  1. Shady Lawns Should Grow Taller

If your lawn has an ample amount of shade, then you should allow your grass to grow a bit taller. This is going to allow it to properly photosynthesize and stay healthy. People with a lot of trees on their property that block direct sunlight in many spots will want to take particular note of this. It doesn’t have to stay absurdly high; you just want to give it a little extra length than you otherwise would in order to be safe.

  1. Never Cut Your Grass Too Short

Cutting your grass too short is going to be detrimental to the health of your lawn. When you cut your grass really short, it is going to be in a weakened state. This will make it more susceptible to certain lawn diseases as well as weeds. You definitely don’t want to see weeds growing up in the middle of your once-beautiful lawn so it is best to only cut it down to a reasonable length.

Droughts will really damage your lawn if you cut it too short as well. The sun will scorch what grass is remaining and you will wind up with dead patches of lawn in many cases. To avoid this, make sure that your lawn mower is set high enough to where you won’t be exposing the soil when you cut the grass. Just be careful not to go too low and everything should be just fine.

  1. Let Your Grass Grow Longer in the Summer

It’s smart to let your grass grow a bit longer in the summer. The extreme heat of the summer months can wreak havoc on your lawn if you cut it too short. Adjust your mower a bit and raise it up so that your lawn will have a little extra length. The grass being taller will help to keep the sunlight from hitting the soul and this, in turn, is going to keep weeds from growing up in your lawn.

Taller grass is much more capable of dealing with droughts as well. If you live in an area that sees intermittent rainfall, then it can be a good idea to keep the grass just a bit higher. You don’t want to see your lawn start looking unhealthy so let it stay a bit taller so that it has that layer of protection. It will be your best bet when you want to keep it looking nice.

  1. Keep Your Lawn Mower Blade Sharp

Using a dull blade to cut your grass is not going to be beneficial at all. You want to keep your lawn mower blade as sharp as you can. When the blade has been sharpened properly, it will cut the grass very cleanly and everything will look really nice. A slightly dull blade is going to wind up cutting things unevenly and you might even notice your lawn looking a bit jagged.

  1. Take Caution When Mowing on a Slope

Mowing on a slope can be somewhat dangerous depending on the circumstances. You will definitely want to avoid mowing on a slope when it is wet outside as this could cause you to injure yourself and lose your footing. It’s best to mow hilly areas when it is perfectly dry. Even then, you will want to try to mow side to side rather than up and down.

  1. If the Slope Is Too Steep, Use a Weed Trimmer Instead

Don’t even attempt to mow a hill that is too steep. It isn’t worth the risk of injuring yourself and you will likely have a much easier time using a weed trimmer. You could also consider removing the grass from this area and installing some turf to make things much easier.

  1. Stay Hydrated

The final important tip for cutting your grass is to stay hydrated. The summer months can be very tough on people who have large lawns. If you are using a riding mower to take care of several acres, then you will want to ensure that you are staying properly hydrated. The sun can really do a number on you if you aren’t careful so wear a hat and bring a water bottle with you.