Landscape Construction – What is it?

landscape construction

If you have been reviewing landscape services online, you may have come across the term “landscape construction.” If so, you may be wondering what the difference is between construction and design. To make better sense of these definitions, first you need to define design. Landscape design can either be a sketch of a proposed landscape project or it can be a concept that is initiated by a computer program such as CAD (computer-aided design). In order to realize a design, landscape construction is facilitated by qualified landscapers.

What Is Required

Landscapers who work in landscape construction must have the following expertise:

  • They must be able to design and prepare a cost estimate for a construction project.
  • They must be able to assess a landscaping architectural plan to perform the construction.
  • They must possess horticultural kills.
  • They must be able to assume the various tasks involved in landscape construction. These tasks include the following:
    • Laying pavers
    • Building retaining walls
    • Paving driveways and walkways
    • Building pergolas and similar structures
  • Landscapers who are involved in construction must be able to plan and build drainage and irrigation systems.

Professionals in the field normally have the licensing and skills that permit them to manage a variety of projects. For instance, a business that is licensed to provide concrete services may also assume commercial projects that another company is not licensed to perform.

Landscape construction not only covers residential projects but it also involves construction projects on commercial landscapes. Companies that handle landscape construction also oversee civil construction assignments such as the construction of large parks or playgrounds.

Residential and Commercial Projects

Residential landscape construction focuses on properties that are inhabited by families or individuals. These types of properties can consist of bungalows or large mansions. Much of the work is also done on apartment or condo complexes.

Commercial landscape construction usually takes place in venues such as restaurants, office buildings, amusement parks, shopping malls, golf courses, or stores.

Environmental Design

A newer area of landscape construction involves environmental design. For example, the construction and installation of a botanic garden would fit this type of construction model. Not only is a botanical garden used for educating the public but it also permits horticulturalists to study plants and learn more about how they may affect an area’s ecosystem.

Therefore, landscape construction sites can vary in type and size. If a contractor is licensed and bonded, he or she can work in a wide range of capacities such as general contractor, project manager, specialty contractor, subcontractor, or design-build specialist.

Hardscaping and Science

Hardscaping places a scientific emphasis on landscaping construction and engineering. Craftspeople who undertake hardscaping projects can install pavers and retaining walls in a wide variety of environments. They can also install horizontal, vertical, complex, and simple constructions. This part of the process requires a solid understanding of engineering as it applies to this area.


Planting is incorporated into landscape construction to enliven the design. Therefore, high-quality healthy plants are added to add vibrancy to the infrastructure of a landscape design. Besides the addition of plants, bushes, and trees, landscaping construction also include the inclusion of water or pool features. A landscape construction specialist must be able to use both artistic and technical skills to achieve just the right results.

The History of Landscape Construction

With all these components involved in the construction of a landscape, it is not surprising that the activity goes back to the installation of early public parks on the European continent. At that time, parks were considered the main hubs for leisurely walks and carriage rides. Therefore, parks needed to be aesthetically designed to complement these activities.

Early landscape construction entailed defining broad pathways for both pedestrians and horses and building bridges over streams. Workers also had to clear away dead limbs or hazardous rocks. It was not until the building of residential suburbs that property owners could finally landscape their front yards and backyards.

All-Inclusive Construction and Design Services

When you are contacting a company about landscape construction services, the business should handle all phases of a landscape’s proposed design. This means that professionals in the field must be as well versed in building a masonry border or retaining wall as they are in paving a walkway or installing specific plants. Practitioners in the field should also be experienced in adding water elements and installing the appropriate drainage or irrigation systems in a yard.

If you want to take advantage of landscape construction services, you need to make sure that they cover all the areas that are involved when a landscape’s design begins to unfold. Someone who specializes in this type of service must be knowledgeable about the correct use of plants and how certain plants can be used for optimum efficiency.

For example, landscape construction emphasizes the use of low-water or low-maintenance plants to reduce water usage and waste. Plants are often installed to ensure sustainability. Therefore, projects today are approached with conscientiousness, especially with respect to environmental practices.

Construction and Design Elements

Because people are spending longer times outdoor and increasing their living spaces in this manner, there is a strong demand for landscape construction services. Therefore, designers and engineers in the field are frequently involved in projects that support the use of waterfalls, outside fireplaces, patio decks, barbecues, koi ponds, gazebos, or exterior illumination.

If you are considering landscaping your property, you must know what services are entailed in landscape construction. Basically, the services provided include hardscaping, the planting and maintenance of plants, and the addition of water elements. Depending on the size of your property, a designer that handles this type of construction will go over what elements to add that will provide the best aesthetics and still sustain the ecological integrity of your space.

Added Curb Appeal

Although professionals in landscape construction spend a large amount of time outdoors, they also need to involve themselves a good deal with preliminary planning. Again, CAD software is used for this purpose. All aspects of landscape designs are covered, such as those that lend added curb appeal and increase a property’s overall value.